Back To Business! ( + Soapy Wedding Favor Photos)

21 May

IMG_20130521_152037     It feels like forever since I sat and wrote a blog.  Back in December 2012 I put a hold on my natural body products business in order to prepare for my upcoming wedding in April of 2013. It was a tough decision but I had to because if you have ever planned a wedding than you know its like having a second job.  Although I stopped creating my products on a larger scale I never stopped soaping or making new recipes because my creative juices are always flowing. The last 7 months have really given me the opportunity  to think about the many different avenues I could take my business in 2013.  When I decided to  put a hold on the business I promised myself that I would be back in   May. . . . . . .   and here I am!

I got married on April 7, 2013 to the love of my life and for my wedding favors I decided to make soap.  Making  soap for my wedding was a great way to introduce all of our (my husband and I) closest family and friends  to my business.  When it comes to weddings there are so many different little knick knack items that you can give way but I really wanted something that everyone would use. I wanted to give everyone something that would not just sit at home on there shelves and collect dust. I received rave reviews after my wedding from everyone who used my soap. Since my wedding was so close I decided to use glycerin soap verses cold process soap. I was very torn with the decision because I had wanted  to show the true genius of my craft but I also wanted to do something that wasn’t very time consuming because I had so many people to make soap for.

My love is in creating a product that  people will use and love. My love is in using my God given gifted hands to make wonderful creations.  I also made all of the centerpieces for my wedding as well. Below I will show you pictures of the favors that I made for the wedding as well a wedding photo of us.  In doing this project of wedding favors for my wedding  I really enjoyed making one very large batch.  Up next I will be working on some cp cupcake soaps for a bridal shower and I’ll be sure to post a blog and maybe even a video. So if you are having an event in the near future and you would like some very unique soapy favors then be sure to get in contact with natural soul creations.

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